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Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

v;ihgurU jI k; K;ls; v;ihgurU jI kI fith

The Eternal JYOT and Sovereign Standard ( Nishan Sahib)

Dear Khalsa Ji,

Today we discuss the Eternal Jyot and the Sovereign Standard of the Khalsa Panth. These are the twin pillars of the Sikh Faith. We can say that if the Sovereign Stabdard is the Physical body, then the Eternal Jyot is the Soul of the Khalsa panth. It is mentioned in the Panth Parkash, that when Sri Guru Nanak dev Ji visited the Sach Khand to receive the Shabad Gyan from Waheguru, He saw the Kesri Sovereign Standard fluttering in the wind in the Sach Khand. Guru Nanak Dev Ji brought back both the Shabad Gyan and the Kesri Soveriegn Standard from Sach Khand.  The Eternal Jyot of Shabad Gyan was transferred from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to succeeding Gurus, until in 1708 at Nanded, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji brought the tradition of the Guru in a Physical Human Body to an end and placed the Eternal Jyot of the Shabad Gyan in the  Eternal Living Guru of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and ordered all Sikhs to pay homage to the Living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from then on.


How important was the Sovereign Standard or Nishan Sahib ? Its importance can be gauged from the following story. During the first battle of Anandpur sahib, Bhai Manh Singh was the Standard Bearer. At one point of the battle he was badly outnumbered and killed by the enemy, and the Khalsa Nishan sahib was trampled underfoot. When Guru Ji was told about this, he quickly removed his kesri Keski Dastaar and told Bhai Alam Singh to go into battle flying that as the Nishan sahib. During the second battle of Anandpur Sahib, when Bhai Alam Singh was the Standard Bearer, he too came under heavy enemy fire. Surrounded by the enemy he was ordered to drop the flag and surrender. He refused point blank. The enemy officer told him, when you die, the flag will fall so why don’t you save your life and surrender. Bhai Alam Singh replied, when I die, the Owner of the Flag will take care of it himself. Bhai Alam Singh was killed and the flag was about to fall when Baba Ajit Singh the 16 year old son of Sri Guru Gobind Singh roared into battlelike a fierce lion, cut off the head of the enemy who had killed Alam Singh, and raised the Khalsa Standard on High. The Sikh forces were highly motivated by the sight of the Sovereign standard flying high.


Thus the Eternal Shabad Gyan Jyot and the Khalsa Soverign Standard are the twin pillars of the Sikh Religious Philosophy. Both these are found in any Sikh Gurdwara – the Eternal Shabad Gyan Jyot resides in the Living Guru the Sri Guru Granth sahib and the Khalsa Sovereign Standard flies High in the most prominent place in the Gurdwara.


In our previous article we raised the question of the Sikh Rehat Maryada not being followed in the Malaysian Gurdwara Council Headquarters at Gurdwara sahib Petaling Jaya. A certain Santa Singh from Batu Pahat, in an article written in the Malaya Samachar of 23/10/99 denies this.( Santa Singh's personal observations are best left unanswered as these do not concern us ) But We would like the MGC Leaders who were in charge of the MGC HQ during the 300th Khalsa Anniversay Celebrations to state categorically that no ANTI-Mryada acts took place and we will then come forward with Evidence and the dates as to when and how these Anti-Maryada practices were allowed in Petaling Jaya Gurdwara.


Now we come to the babas who run the Klerawalla dera. They claim that the Guru Nanak Dev Ji has been reborn as the Eleventh Nanak in Baba Nand Singh, their founder. Thus they have "hijacked" the Shabd Gyan Jyot from the Guru Granth sahib to their own founder baba.  They Further claim that the jyot was passed down from the eleventh nanak baba nand singh to the twelfth nanak baba ishar singh, then to the thirteenth nanak baba amar singh and so forth……how many more to come ?? The Klerawalla dera and other deras of other babas also refuse to fly the sovereign standard Nishan Sahib of the Sikh panth. These derawallahs have therefore broken off all contact from the twin pillars of Sikh philosophy……thus they are not true Sikhs in any sense of the word. To further add injury to the Panth, they have rejected the Shiromani Sikh Rehat Maryada and produced a spurious one of their own to promote their brand of sikhi. These babas mislead gullible Sikhs, and gullible youth to follow their false teachings, cause discord among sikh sangat and in every which way bring enmity and discord into every gurdwara they go to.


I would like to ask one question of these kleranwallah babas and their followers – If as you say the Eternal Jyot of Shabad Gyan of Guru Nanak Dev is in your Dera at Klera, then what are you people doing in the Sikh Gurdwaras – why do you do kirtan and do ardass in front of the " guru granth sahib" which is DEVOID of the Eternal Jyot.  Is it not your intention to HOODWINK gullible Sikhs by such pretentious behaviour ?


The Gurdwaras are for religious Sikhs who BELIEVE that the Eternal Jyot of Shabd Gyan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji RESIDES in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and has not been Hijacked elsewhere as you FALSELY CLAIM.




               A Panthic Council Presentation

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