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Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

v;ihgurU jI k; K;ls; v;ihgurU jI kI fith

Faith ant the Faithful

Faith and the faithful

Dear Khalsa Ji,

Today the subject under discussion is Faith and the Faithful. The dictionary meaning assigned to faith is to center one's devotion and attention on something – someone that is of a spiritual nature. T ohave absolute faith in someone means dissolving one's own being in the full love of the one you have put your faith in – like the Beloved Five the Panj Piyaraes did with their spiritual mentor Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We can give a lot more examples of such immersion but the essential point to grasp here is that total and absolute faith can be given to only ONE. One's Faith and absolute devotion cannot be divided among many – one cannot have one's feet in two different boats.   One who doesn't understand this meaning of faith does not understand faith at all.

Lets talk about Sikhs. In the first instance a Sikh must have absolute Faith and devotion to the One Almighty Akal Purakh – the Creator of all. In the second instance a Sikh has faith in  Guru Nanank dev Ji and his succeeding nine Gurus – in the third instance the Sikh has faith in the Guru Granth sahib as the depository of the teachings of the Ten Gurus and Shabad Guru – the WORD of Akal Purakh. In the last and final instance a Sikh has faith in the Divinity of the Guru Khalsa Panth – the Khalsa Brotherhood. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji ended the line of Physical Gurus, and passed the Guruship to Guru Granth sahib he said – Spiritual guidance is from the Guru Granth and worldly guidance from the Guru Khalsa Panth. in the light of Spiritual guidance offered by the Guru Granth shabad guru, the Khalsa panth as a body is empowered to make decisions for the good of the brotherhood as a whole.  Any one who denies this fact is not a faithful of the sikh gurus and neither has he any faith in the sikh religion.

Now look at what the sants. derawallahs and the babas are doing. They have shamelessly discarded the Shiromani panthic Maryada, passed and declared by the Khalsa Panth and tried to introduce their own versions. This means they have broken off from the Khalsa Brotherhood and violated the Orders of the Gurus, especially the order and explicit instructions given by Guru Gobind Singh at Nanded in 1708. These babas have established their own Gaddhis in oppostion to the gaddhi of the Guru Granth and Guru Khalsa panth and have in fact stabbed the Guru Khalsa panth in the back. How laughable that after breaking with the Guru Khalsa panth they still insist on spreading the teachings of Gurbani which are part and parcel of the Guru Khalsa Panth – enmity with the right hand and friendship with the left hand. It is clear their 'love" for Gurbani is just a ploy to hoodwink gullible Sikhs to follow their deviationist paths.

What is more shameful is that these babs have even misappropriated and HIJACKED  the JYOT of Guru Nanak for themselves by declaring that Guru nanak has been reborn as their founder baba…this clearly to imply that the JYOT of Nanak is NOT in the succeeding nine Gurus, or in Guru Granth sahib or the Guru Khalsa Panth ordainded by Guru Gobind Singh in 1708. This is the prime reason why these babas and their chelas promote their babas to such an extent with stories of miracles and celebrate the barsis of these dead babas with much splendour – much more than the effort they are willing to put into the celebrations of the Gurpurabs of the Gurus. Clearly to them the dead Babas are MORE IMPORTANT than the Gurus. 

A valid question to be asked is…….If according to these babas, the JYOT of Nanak is indeed in their dera, then what are they doing in the Sikh Gurdwaras where the believers believe the JYOT to be in the Guru Granth sahib……what prayers are they offering in front of the Guru Granth which according to them is DEVOID of the JYOT of Nanak ?

The Sikh rehat Maryada makes it compulsory for a SIKH to only celebrate the Gurpurabs – there are so many martyrs, Sikhs of faith, who gave their everything including their very lives for the sikh faith willingly and without reward…..we can celebrate their birthdays, their purabs all year long and still have many thousands left over.   There is absolutely NO NECESSITY to celebrate the barsis of dead babas who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the Sikh Faith, Gave NOTHING for fellow Sikhs….except to enrich themselves and live off the offerings of gullible Sikhs. Granted some of these babas may have done naam jaap – but that is for themselves not for the Kaum….Gurbani clearly says every one and each one of us has to do naam jaap for himself and himself alone……in the end no one can help you except what you did for yourself…..father cannot help his son, Mother cannot help her daughter…..wife cannot help her husband……You stand in front of GOD alone. So what is the big idea of idolizing the naam jaap of these babas. Our Gurus braved PHYSICAL tortures, even death, they gave up their entire families including small children aged five and seven for the well being of the panth…..NOT A SINGLE BABA of any DERA has given two drops of blood from his little finger for the panth until today. This is the bitter truth.

Now we come to the Malaysian Gurdwara Council. . This august body was established to bring all the gurdwaras in line with the Panthic  Sikh Rehat Maryada. But what has happened that in its Head quarters at Petaling Jaya gurdwara it is itself promoting the breakaway spurious rehat of the babas and derawallahs. Instead of promoting UNITY, the MGC is promoting DEVIATIONIST tendencies of the dera babas which is clearly anti-panth and has got to be stopped before more harm is done to the Panth.

Our appeal to all Panthic Sikhs is to come forward and save the situation before it gets out of hand and these deviationists spread their roots in other Sikh Gurdwaras in Malaysia.



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