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Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

v;ihgurU jI k; K;ls; v;ihgurU jI kI fith

Intentions of the Dera Wallah Sant-Babas

Beloved Khalsa Ji,

If we care to go back in history we can see quite clearly that the background of the Dera Wallahs sant-babas is quite similar to the Mahants of the Colonial era. The Mahants in charge of the Sikh Gurdwaras during the British Colonial times did massive damage to Sikh religious principles and freedoms. The Sikh Kaum had to undergo massive sufferings, to expel these mahants and regain control of their religious shrines. But these mahants did not disappear – they re-appeared in the new form of sant-babas, set up their deras and merged into the sikh kaum – they did this so well that most Sikhs do not even recognize this and instead offer respect to this new form of religious garb. As a result of this new found respect the sant-babas have gained control of most religious platforms of the Sikhs and use it to their full advantage.  These dera wallahs did not forsake their anti-panthic activities and carried on attacking panthic reforms from within – they were powerless to take on the panth straight on due to the fact that the Panth was quite strong then, but they carried on their destructive policies slowly and surely. they used Gurmat parchar as an excuse to set up their own individual Deras and Gaddhis in direct confrontation with the Guru Khalsa Panth – just like the gaddhis set up by the 22 false gurus in the time of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji.

But due to the inherent strength of the Panth, the derawallahs could not attain the power they craved……until the tragic events of 1984. Seeing the Guru Khalsa panth was in a weakened state, and observing the political trends in the aftermath of the 1984 tragedy, the sant-babas of the deras started showing off their true colours. The Anti-Sikh Lobby in the Government also gave them their full blessings to further weaken the Guru Khalsa Panth.

The Dera wallah sant-babas declared open war with the Guru Khalsa Panth by forming their own society called the Sant Samaj, and publishing their own version of the Sikh rehat Maryada to challenge the established Panthic Parvanit Sikh Rehat Maryada, which had been prepared after decades of deliberations by eminent sikh scholars, professionals, sants, gyanis, and men of high moral standing in the Panth,( about 135 in total ) as well as all major Sikh institutions, Chief Khalsa Diwan, taksals, the Four Takhats, etc were all consulted and agreed to this SRM to be published by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee (SGPC) as binding on all sections of the Guru Khalsa Panth.  Wherever the dera-wallahs sant-babas spread their influence their first attack is on this Shiromani Sikh Rehat Maryada – their first task is always to turn away the Sikhs from this SRM and instead of celebrating the Gurpurabs of the Gurus as stated in the SRM, these Babas stress on the celebrations of the BARSIS of their respective dera founder babas.

The Khalsa Nishan is of paramount importance as a symbol of the religious freedom of the Guru Khalsa Panth – the Nishan Sahib is the focal point of any and all Sikh Gurdwaras and Religious Shrines– yet these Dera wallahs sant-babas have the gall to remove this Khalsa Nishan Sahib from their Deras as a first sign of breakaway from the Guru Khalsa panth.. The question to be asked is – If the derawallah sant-babas have divorced themselves from this most important symbol of the sovereignity of the Guru Khalsa Panth, then with what reason do these same derawallahs sants and babas enter the Gurdwaras that fly this same Nishan Sahib ? Since these people have declared themselves "independent" of the Nishan of the Guru Khalsa Panth, why then do they shamelessly come back again and again to those same gurdwaras flying this same Nishan . This is the height of absurdity.

After the tragic events of 1984, the derawallh sant-babas have turned their faces towards the prosperous overseas sikh communities. Using all their guiles and magic mantras and tantras these derawallahs sant-babs have at many places fooled the gullible sangat to offer them homage and accept them with honour and respect. In India these people have under their power many politicians, Govt officers and people in high places……their power and influence has reached such heights that they have the audacity to challenge established panthic personalities and institutions openly and brazenly. In India they have established political associations such as the RSS ( Rashtriyah Sikh Sangat and the Sant Samaj to fight Gurdwara elections in an attempt to hijack the highest Sikh Institutions.   Overseas also these derawallahs ants babas have the same motives – to use all their wiles to seize control of Sikh Gurdwaras and use them for the propogation of Babamat instead of Gurmat. The derawallah's followers in the local sangat do not fear to even use violence to silence their opponents.

Almost daily the Punjabi Press exposes the evil practices and abuses of minor children, and women and gangsterism etc going on inside the deras of these sants and babas- but it is strange that local sangats do not seem to see these deeds committed by seemingly holy persons……..Truth is always bitter but it is my sincere appeal to all Malaysian Sikhs, academicians, gurdwara committee members etc to open their eyes to this movement which is REVERSING the REVOLUTION brought about by our Sikh Gurus to establish the Guru Khalsa Panth. The Sikh Gurus and their followers underwent great sacrifices – sat on hot plates in the burning summer sun, were boiled alive, burned alive, torn apart limb from limb,trampled by elephants, blown away by cannons, etc etc in order that the Guru Khalsa panth may live in its full glory forever. We were created an Army of Lions but today it seems that we are led by Donkeys who are leading us towards destruction.

The Derawallhs sant-babas and their followers major push is towards publicizing their own dera founder babas and their miracles etc etc – in their typical lecture or sermon the first few minutes are spent on "gurmat" just to hoodwink the sangat that they are doing parchaar – but then the major portion of the katha- kirtan dwells on the miracles and so on performed by their own dera Founder Baba.   These derawallhas and their jathas are coming in droves……to spread confusion and anti-gurmat practices among the sikh sangat……but our leaders are sleeping the sleep of the unaware.  It is a sad fact that our leaders are chosen from among those who do not even have 10% knowledge about the authentic Gurmat and Sikh rehat. As such these are easily MISLED by the sweet words of the sant-babas…..that is one reason why genuine Sikh Missionaries are not coming to preach in as great numbers as they are required.  Sikh wealth is being channeled towards these babas-sants under the guise of "donation to holy persons"..Gurbani tells us….."Akallin sahib seviah akallin keecheh daan " that is use ones discretion to recognize one's leaders and also use the same discretion in giving those leaders one's donations and offerings…..offerings to the wrong person do more damage than good.

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